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Member Since 13 May 2010
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you are registered on the site mjjdreamers.com?
Aug 31 2011 03:53 PM
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Missing Michael more with every day that passes. :(
Dec 30 2010 06:46 PM
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i m fine thanks .what is your good name dear? and where are you from?
Jul 23 2010 04:43 AM
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Hello, I'm alright.
Thanks for asking, how about yourself?
Jul 23 2010 01:02 AM
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Hi, It's actually my signature. You can add one by going to Edit my profile, under the profile tab click on Change Signature then you can add whatever you like. ;)
Jul 19 2010 11:40 PM
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Hi! how did u add that picture 2 in ur "About Me" section???❤
Jul 19 2010 05:03 PM