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MORE rehearsal pics (circa 1971?)

Posted by raisa, 10 June 2013 · 11,699 views

rehearsal 1970 1971
Okay, recently, I discovered that these pictures all belong together and I made a new folder for them in our gallery. I ‘guesstimated’ that they were probably taken around 1971. However, writing this blog and the previous blog, I realized that Jackie is wearing the same outfit! So now, I was thinking that all of those pictures might have been taken at the same time. The thing that bothers me, though, is why they would change clothes for rehearsal? Perhaps they were taken the next day and Jackie decided to wear the same clothes again…. But then why would the photographer be there two days in a row?
I’m just so confused!!
Anyway, here are 3 more pictures of the boys in these other outfits, enjoy!:

Posted Image

Marlon (Right On! magazine, May 1975)

Posted Image

Jermaine (Right On! magazine, August 1972)

Posted Image

Jackie (Right On! magazine, August 1972)

Hey,if you wanna know these two rehearsals have different dates..Nobody except Jackie has the same shirt on..I always wondered why Marlon looked so young at this age he looks like 11 or 12 but he's already 14..This is the other reason why sometimes I think this might be the end of 1970..But anyway I believe this rehearsal should be in 1971 before their show with Diana Ross in April.
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I know the others all have a completely different outfit but it's not just Jackie's shirt, Jackie's ALSO wearing the same necklace and belt (I don't have any picture to check the pants or shoes)! That's what made me so confused!
What are the odds that they take pictures of a rehearsal late 1970 and then later in 1971 and Jackie is wearing the same necklace, shirt and belt?! :o
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I KNOW that kinda sounds strange,but in the previous one rehearsal pics from 1970 Marlon looks taller than Michael and they're at the same height in this one,so that's also confusing for me.I'd like to know the exact date of the two rehearsals. ;)
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this is 1971vbecause if you go to the pics from 1971 rehearsals marlon and jermaine are wearing the same shirt
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You have to take everything from a teen fan magazine with a grain of salt. Most of it was made up, so they often cobbled together photos from different photo sessions (sometimes even different years!) to accompany a story.
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Very rare pics thanks for posting!!
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