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Tito's wedding

Posted by raisa, 17 June 2013 · 19,202 views

Tito married Dee Dee Martes in a small private ceremony on June 17th 1972. There are a few pictures in the gallery but I’ll post some more special ones of the beautiful couple today.

Flip Magazine had a two-page article about the wedding in their November 1972 issue. The following pictures originate from that same article;

The organ plays softly and you hear an admiring “ooo-hh” from the onlookers as the beautiful bride starts slowly down the aisle. You can’t believe you’re really here, that you’re the Jacksons’ special guest on


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In the car together

Saturday, June 17, 1972 was a special day in the lives of the fabulous Jackson 5 and their family. That was the day 18-year-old Tito Jackson married his longtime sweetheart, Delores (Dee Dee) Martes, 17, at Joy Wedding Chapel in Inglewood, California.

    Although Tito and Dee Dee had announced their plan to wed only a week before the ceremony, the planning itself had started months before – the couple was only waiting for Dee Dee to graduate from high school!

    Tito and Dee Dee met more than two years ago, when both were attending Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, before the Jackson 5 attained their fabulous success. They have been dating on and off ever since, until earlier this year, when the realized they loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Sharing the wedding cake

    With Tito in his tux and Dee Dee in a long white gown, they made a handsome couple on their wedding day! Jermaine Jackson served as Tito’s best man, and a singing group called the Semantics performed at the ceremony.

    A reception for the families and close friends followed at the Inglewood Women’s Club. Dee Dee and Tito will delay their honeymoon till after the Jackson 5’s summer tour, but they’ve moved into an apartment near the Jacksons’ home in Encino.

    Tito hasn’t forgotten his fans during this happy moment in his life, and he wants to assure you that his marriage had nothing to do with his professional life – he’ll still tour and sing and record as one of the fabulous Jackson  5!

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Dancing together

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