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raisa's Blog

Soul Newspaper: Marlon Jackson – The Loveable one

Posted by raisa, 26 March 2013 · 4,844 views
Marlon, Soul newspaper
As a follow-up on Marlon’s birthday two weeks ago, I’ll post the article on Marlon that appeared in ‘Soul Newspaper’ from July 27th  1970. Christine AKA Billie Jean provided me with a pdf file of the article however the first page is missing so I don’t have the proper intro… I’m just going to copy what I DO have and I hope you enjoy it anyway! :DThe p...

Shonte's birthday

Posted by raisa, 16 March 2013 · 2,033 views

A nice article from the Los Angeles Sentinel, March 16th  1972:http://mjphotoscollectors.com/web/uploads/gallery/category_12/gallery_4_12_48263.jpg  Shonte Penland was the envy of America’s teenaged girls during her recent celebration in which the Jackson 5 performed for them in an intimate recording session. The pretty, coquette daughter of Sentinel’s En...

Happy Birthday Marlon!

Posted by raisa, 12 March 2013 · 2,800 views
Marlon David Jackson was born March 12, 1957. Thus, he’ll turn 56 today.http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad48/raisa10/Blogalbum/2013-03-12/marlonblog2.jpg Marlon had a twin brother, Brandon, but they were born premature and Brandon unfortunately died soon after birth (although some sources tell me he was stillborn). I really liked that they included Bra...

The 16th annual Grammy Awards

Posted by raisa, 04 March 2013 · 746 views

This blog will feature a two-page article from Spec magazine (July 1974) which took place on March 2nd  1974:As always, The Music Industry’s Grammy Awards Ceremony – Held This Year in Hollywood – Was A Star-Studded, Glittery & Gala Event. Televised Live Last March 2nd , The Grammies Honored the Crème-De-La-Crème Tops In The Pop, Rhythm ‘N Blues, Jazz...

Meet their weekend girl friends!

Posted by raisa, 21 February 2013 · 3,643 views

Since I didn’t find anything particular to talk about, I decided to just take any magazine from February and post an article. I choose Spec Magazine 1974 that has an article with the title”J5 ~~Meet their weekend girl friends!”. All pictures that had Michael in them have been posted here in our gallery . Those pictures also already have the original c...

Radio City Music Hall 1975

Posted by raisa, 12 February 2013 · 2,285 views

In 1975, The Jackson 5 played the Radio City Music Hall in New York from February 6th untill February 12th (J5Collector blog; 1975 ) and there’s a great article about these performances that you just have to read!It was posted here . The reporter had the opportunity to talk to the boys backstage and that resulted in a nice article. I just wished the a...

J5 in Africa

Posted by raisa, 03 February 2013 · 2,988 views

The Jackson 5 left for Africa January 29th . They did several concerts in Senegal:01/02/1974 Dakar, Senegal Demba Diop Stadium02/02/1974 Dakar, Senegal Theatre National Daniel Sorano03/02/1974 Dakar, Senegal Theatre National Daniel Sorano(Source: Jackson5abc.com ) We’ve got plenty of candid pictures  on our site and also a few concert pictures .Sadly, I d...

Sonny and Cher

Posted by raisa, 30 January 2013 · 3,086 views

1974, the Sonny and Cher  Comedy Hour featuring the J5 airs. You can already find plenty of pictures in our gallery here  . They only performed one song, Dancing Machine, and did some skits. Here’s a video of the performance of Dancing Machine, I’ve never seen any videos of the skits though, a real shame!  http://www.youtube.c...=yhEwfezRdAY...

Tito Pictures

Posted by raisa, 20 January 2013 · 1,116 views
tito, blog
I picked a pretty random topic for today; this photo shoot .Why? Because I had nothing else to post and I’ve got 3 lovely pictures of Tito to share!I really don’t know a lot about this photo shoot. Most pictures I’ve got from this shoot come from Teen Life magazines or Teen Pinup magazines or from ‘unsorted scans’ that I got from Ron. :DTito sitting i...

One more time

Posted by raisa, 11 January 2013 · 938 views

On January 10th,1974 the ‘One More Time’ TV show aired with Mills Brothers and the Jackson 5.A few years ago, this shooting script of the show was auctioned:http://i920.photobucket.com/albums/ad48/raisa10/Blogalbum/2013-01-10/shootingscriptguernseysauctions.jpg As you can see, they taped the show on November 20th ,21st  and 23rd , 1973 at “The Burbank Stu...

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