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Michael was laid to rest one year ago tonight, on 9-3 at Forest Lawn

Posted by Billie Jean, 04 September 2010 · 93,814 views

Today,at around 3pm, I went to Forest Lawn Glendale to visit Michael.  This is a monthly visit, on the 3rd, but I admit I go more often than monthly to visit him, talk to him, sing to him, and just be near him.

I brought my kids to see him, they had been there one other time. There were other people, MJ fans and curious semi-fans, there as well.  My group of friends set up shop on the Holly Terrace balcony or near the bench on the landing and just talk, laugh, cry, remember things Michael did or said, etc.  We also hug each other and talk about non-Michael things as well!

A big disappointment was that Forest Lawn threw away ALL of the mementos, posters, flowers, etc., made for Michael for his BIRTHDAY last Sunday.  Just a disgusting show of disrespect show for Michael Jackson by the employees of Forest Lawn. It has only been 5 days.  Some of the creations made for Michael took longer to make or ship here.  No one else is treated in such a way. I see flowers on graves for months on various tombs around the cemetery, so why bother with his?

The hours passed and about 20 of us found ourselves at Forest Lawn after dark. Only the stars, planets, airplanes and the city lights illuminated us.  Today was an especially hard "3rd" of the month because Michael was buried at Forest Lawn Glendale exactly ONE YEAR AGO today.

I remember watching the service, the press surrounding the service and talking to many people online as it was occurring.  I  was in Florida, it was late, but I was staying up to watch it.  I remember a beautiful full moon and that there were fires burning nearby.  

Tonight we came together, in the dark, to dance, sing, laugh, cry and hold hands at the exact moment when Michael was interred in his crypt, about 9:43pm PST. We listened to his music, we sang CRY and WILL YOU BE THERE, SPEECHLESS and YOU ARE MY LIFE, among others that helped capture the full intensity of this moment.

Then we saw flashes of light in the sky, it was a fireworks show, probably from the Hollywood Bowl. It lit up the sky and just appropriate for Michael, at this moment.  During the fireworks display that I am sure Michael enjoyed just as much, the police showed up and TOLD us that we had to leave NOW, as it was 10pm and the security at Forest Lawn had been warning us that the gate was closing for the past two hours.

The love and energy felt between us all tonight was very evident. Things happen for a reason and I know I was led here for a reason, not just personally for me, but to help another or others, I know it.  I need them, just as they need me.  

We met up at a local restaurant after the Glendale Police and Forest Lawn Security Forces said their good-byes to us.  While we were eating Michael's ROCK WITH YOU came on the radio or whatever music equipment Shake's used.  I feel Michael was looking out for us!  I love how MJ's music repeatedly plays so much on the local radio stations! Just awesome!

Another great thing that happened today is that my proposal to have the Hard Rock Cafe do a Michael Jackson Night for us down at the Hollywood Star location is going to become a reality!  Ask and you shall receive.

I will never let my love of Michael Jackson and his legacy falter. I know I am here to help keep his legacy and music alive -- to just keep moonwalking.

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I have already told you before that I love your stories about visiting Forest Lawn. Thank you for sharing this with us. I really hope you keep us updated on this every 3rd of a month  :)
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I think I will be at FL on 25 October :(
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I must visit Michael one day. I have to. I love him so much. I wish he was still with us. This may sound crazy, but I feel that I was choosen by God to let the world know what MJ was really all about. I think the world ought to know. I have so many revelations in me regarding MJ, and I'm going to place them on Youtube, and the truth about MJ will prevail. I have the gidt of interpretation and discernment that I amaze myself sometimes, lol. I'm going to allow God to use me to be MJ's mouth peice. MJ said "I just hope that one day that they would be fair and protray me for who I really really am". Well Michael your hoping wasn't in vain, I'm used by God to bring this into being. I love you Michael forever <3.
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Now it has been four years. Some days it seems not true and other days it feel like only yesterday.  The world is a meaner and colder place without you Michael.
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