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I moved to LA to be closer to Michael.

Posted by Billie Jean, 03 September 2010 · 8,705 views

and this is after he passed away. His passing away affected me in such a way that I could no longer just exist, I knew I had to live life like it could end at anytime as I know it could, but you just don't think it is going to happen to YOU.

See, Michael is a part of my childhood, my teenage years and my child raising years. I took advantage, thinking that he would be around forever.  On June 24th, yeah, he was on my iPod/iTunes, but not appreciated.

The weekend before he passed, I remember hearing ROCK WITH YOU or WORKING NIGHT AND DAY while working out in my pool and thinking, man that sounds sooo good, been a while --- then that Thursday, he was gone.

The day before he died, I went to my annual intuitive reading, the reader told me that he saw me moving out west and changing careers, little did I know that I would actually do the things he predicted.  I don't think I would have done it if it were not for such an unfortunate and sudden occurrence -- June 25, 2009.

Anyway, this journey to Los Angeles has allowed me to meet others who feel like me...  and I am not alone.  Together, I follow in the footsteps of MICHAEL JACKSON in CALIFORNIA --- from short movie sets, to restaurants, to concert halls, to homes and billboards, I think of Michael and what he was doing in those same spots years ago and I say a prayer and I move on to the next spot he takes me to!

In Los Angeles, I make things happen to keep his legacy alive and also to allow myself to get my groove on!  Since I have been here I have organized several MJ Skate Nights, Bowling Nights, Dance Party's and Dance Classes...  I meet the best people and we all share a commonality -the LOVE OF MICHAEL JACKSON...

Follow me as I laugh, cry, fall down, get up and moonwalk around LA, finding myself and loving this man.

OMFG Christine! All I can say is WOOOOOOOWW!! Very moving, and this is just an intro! Please keep them comin', I am "following" you!
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I agree with MJPC - this sounds so amazing and is very touching.
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