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The Jackson 5 Come And Get It: The Rare Pearls

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It was loud about "Bad 25th" but now i have something to J5 fans. ;)
28 August this year album The Jackson 5 "Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls" come out . The album contains 2 CDs with songs you've never heard or you heard poor demo. :D
For example, the song "Feelin 'Alright". The boys sang it in concert and they sang it once on TV Diana! Special in 1971. But have you ever heard of it recorded in the studio? Now is your chance to hear it. ;)
Or the song "Love Trip". A beautiful ballad of love. Michael's voice is beautiful. You probably heard a snippet of the song. Now you can hear the whole song!
Personally, I say that my parents will buy me this album, for my birthday! I'm soooo happy. At the end, link to the page where you can buy this album of course you must wait to 28 August. :wub:
Come and Get It: The Rare Pearls

Greetings, MichaelJacksonBestFan
God Bless You. PEACE!
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Thanks for the update!



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Full song "If the shoe don't fit"

I really like it!
I love it how high Michael goes on 'If the shoooooeeeeeeeee don't fit" and the way he says 'duhlin' (2:11)in stead of darling :D
I also like the 'can you dig it?' part, I wonder who does the 'can you dig what I'm talking about' (2:07)in the funny voice. Perhaps it's Tito, he's got quite a lot of solo vocals on this song.
The only negative thing I can say about it is that there seems to be an echo or something on Jermaine's vocals.

I wonder if there'll be more songs of the Stevie sessions on this  cd. It's hard to tell from the snippets (on amazon) if some sound like a Stevie arrangement or not. I hope the booklet can tell us some more about those songs!

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Check out my blog with pictures of the Jackson brothers



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wowowowowow. This is AMAZING.

Thanks a lot for posting this!! I'm def getting it.

I love you guys. ;D

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