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I cannot begin to understand
The reason that you left
All the world heartbroken
Empty and bereft

Was it perhaps, you could not see
How many loved you so
Did we fail to show you, Michael?
Did your heart not know?

Did the pain and loneliness
Finally become too much
Had that sweet, kind gentle heart
Finally had enough?

A hostage of your talent
A prisoner of your fame
I cannot help but think, perhaps
For this, we are to blame

We loved you into solitude
To your wonderland of bliss
But a prison made of solid gold
Is a prison nonetheless

Did we play a part in this
Was our love too much
Did we steal your freedom
For hope of a glimpse, a touch

Look upon us from above
Glance the wide world, and see
The hearts that ache to love you
For all eternity

If our love was just too much
And made a captive of you
Michael, to have hurt you
Was the last thing we ever meant to do

Though my heart is broken
One thing brings me peace
Your precious soul has cast its chains
And you are finally free

Our love was true
I'm sure you know
So true, that though we love you still
We will finally let you go

Go soar across the heavens
Play with the lion and the lamb
Sing a song from time to time
And we'll hear you again

Go, my love, and revel
In all heaven's avast
And we'll shed tears of happiness
For you are free at last

Hope you like it

With much love


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