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I'll Always Remember The Time

Posted by shimmerysocks, 16 August 2010 · 91,572 views

Well being that I wasn't born in time to experience anything from Michael during the Thriller and Bad Era(thanks mom and dad) -_-  I'll tell you what I can remember about the Dangerous Era.

  I can't recall how old I was at the time but I have a distinct memory of seeing Remember The Time on BET. When I tell you I thought he was the most amazing performer and good looking singer out there I'm NOT joking. My dad would buy like every Michael Jackson cassette there was and we would jam in his car all day long. Yes I know cassettes remember those? Til this very day I can still see myself as little girl sitting in front of the TV singing along to RTT thinking wow he's cute. As time went on my love for him never faltered. He went through his up and downs but like he said he had rhinoceros(wow I was thinking of a dinosaur when I was typing rhinoceros)skin and that was as clear as day. Michael will always be the best no matter what is spewing from the media. I know myself and the MJfandom will do whatever we can to keep Michaels legacy alive.

In my eyes I'll always Remember The Times that I got to see the King of Pop do his thing. I'm so proud to say that I got to experience the magic of Michael Joseph Jackson.

Thank you for your story, Tessa. :wub:
Your dad seemed to be really cool with MJ, that's great. I really feel the same like you... not being born or being too young to witness the pre-Dangerous eras.
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I have memories of dancing to Remember the Time with my daughter back in 92/93.  The dance is addicting and Michael, well so fine!
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Beautiful story. You can't imagine how I feel. I was born during the Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, History, Invincible, This is It, up until his death era. I first was introduced to MJ during the Thriller era. I remember singing 'Billie Jean' on the school bus at 5 years of age everyday. But then my love for him faded away because I wasn't exposed to him as much. Then it all began again at age 9 when I was introduced to his Moonwalker movie. At my elementary school, several classes were watching 'Moonwalker', and my class was one of them. I remember a boy by the name of Isacc Jackson brought the movie to class for our class to watch. My best friend who was sitting next to me said to me that she had the exact same movie at home, and that I could come over and watch it anytime I wanted. Sense then I've been visiting my friend's house watching Moonwalker just about everyday. And I've been in love with MJ till this day. My love for him never faltered. Everyone who came in contact with me knew and know that I'm a die-hard fan. I will take measures to defend MJ, period. I'm MJ's activist. I love you MJ forever <3.
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the first time I saw MJ on tv I was 5 and it was the black or white video...I asked my mum why 'that girl sounded like a boy' (id never seen a dude with long hair before I assumed only girls wore their hair long I was only 5 after all!)....it wasn't until I was 12 and saw the way you make me feel vid that I fell head over heels!...loved him ever since, I still think he was sooooo sexy during the bad era
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