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MJPC Gallery Posting Rules & Guidelines

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Thanks to the many hundreds of members who have taken the time to post MJ photos to our gallery! YOU have helped build our gallery to over 34,000 photos...and counting! If you haven’t already, please take the time to review our Gallery Posting Rules & Guidelines BEFORE you post. As most of you know, we do not allow photos on our site that contain watermarks, and please also be sure to not post images to our web site that are exclusively copyrighted by a third party or agency. This includes but is not limited to images licensed by “MJJ Productions,” “MJJ Magazine”, or photo agencies (ie: Getty, Corbis, etc.). Also, please note that it is a violation of our policy to upload any image to our gallery that was taken from sites such as “MJJ Pictures”, “Steady Laughing”, and “King Of The Dance Floor”. Please respect the hard work that these and other MJ web sites have put into their craft and do not crop or cover their tags! If you notice photos on our site that may violate our posting rules, please use the “Report Image” function located to the right side of each photo. We will immediately remove any image(s) that we feel violates our site’s policy, and possibly ban the violating member(s) from our web site if we feel it is warranted. If you have any questions about our posting rules, please email us at photos@mjphotoscollectors.com. Thanks!

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