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"Stadium Tour with Michael Jackson"

Posted by m&ms, 04 March 2014 · 181,602 views

I thought I should take a walk down memory lane again... so here goes, lets go back to Munich, Germany 2 May 1997

Michael was scheduled to arrive in Munich with the purpose to visit Marcel Avram in the Munich prison Stadelheim. In addition to that there was a “stadium tour” (whatever that meant). As the HIStory Tour was to commence in Bremen at the end of the month there was of course the thought that this would be a PR possibility for the German Market to buy tickets for the concerts.

At the stadium we were told Michael was expected at 3pm. Well, 3pm came 3pm left ... no Michael anywhere in sight. Not a surprise. I had my bets on 6pm.

At 4pm we were told that while waiting we would be able to listen to his new songs from the new album “Blood on the Dancefloor”. And then the new songs came. What can I say, now that everyone knows the songs and it's been such a long time. But listening to them for the very first time I was completely and utterly blown away by "Morphine”.

It was the most incredibly piece I had ever heard. I nearly fainted when the bridge started!

The other song I really loved was Is It Scary. Gave me goose bumps all over again. Beautiful Intro. Beautiful Verse. I loved the melody instantly.

At 5:40pm Michael finally arrived (not sure if that meant my bet was won or lost...LOL). He was dressed in obligatory black pants, a white tee, and black hat. Plus was was wearing his “Sydney wedding jacket” as I call it.

He very slowly walked towards the stage that had been erected for him. Waving and blowing kisses all the time as we walked. Before he went onto the stage he did some “fan shopping” (ie, pointing at banners and posters that fans held and sending Wayne or someone to pick them up for him).

He especially loved anything with baby Michael Jr. on them. Eventually people just started throwing their banners towards him (as they did generally with gifts later on).

Finally onstage, he was presented with a yellow plaque “Kreisstadt München”. He received it from the hands of a blonde woman who wanted to shake hands first before handing it over, but he was all just interested in the plaque. Then remembering he was a gentleman he shook hands and I believe kissed her cheek.

He was then also presented with a jersey of the 1860 Munich Football club - imagine Michael playing football :D.

During the speeches Michael did not seem to listen too closely. He was more interested in gifts he could make out in the fan section. Some tiny gift nearly hit Michael on the head, but he saw it coming, jumped sideways laughing. He did do some funny things onstage (bored? embarrassed?).

Finally, he took the microphone and said to the fan section “I love you VERY much.” Then before handing it back he turned to the press section and said “and I love you too” with a very strange expression/smile on his face. That was it, he left to his van where Alex from Bravo Magazine presented him with yet another Otto Awards.

Thus we made our way to the Bayerischer Hof Hotel. I had given one of our obligatory children photo books to Wayne in the stadium already with the hope Michael would be able to enjoy the pictures that evening.

He came to the window a couple of times, waved, played with the curtain, the "usual things" he would do at such instances.

It was about 10 pm when we last saw him. He came to the window and I had the feeling he was motioning to me to come forward across the street (huh??). I was not sure at all, so I gestured back “Meeee?????” and he nodded fiercely still waving with his arms that I should cross the road. So I started walking. As I was more or less in the middle of the street, he threw a pillow with all his might into my direction. I was so stunned that I stopped walking (in the middle of the street, yes clever, I know)!! Masses of people ran by me towards that tiny innocent pillow.

I did not run. Instead I looked up to his window and saw Michael shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head at me. The pillow had said (if I remember correctly) “I love you and thank you very much.”


I know he really loved our books :wub:

Thank you for sharing your precious memories. It was mean of people not to let you have the pillow when it was intended for you.
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