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The day I called Michael in his hotel room...

Posted by m&ms, 24 January 2013 · 43,181 views

...only to find he had been asleep well past noon still...

I don’t know what had possessed me. I guess it was some sort of a “let’s try and see if this works at all” thing. I sat on my bed in the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo and dialled the number of Michael’s room.

In my dreams, we had had the greatest conversation of all and talked for hours. Well, this did not quite happen.

After two beeps I heard rustling of sheets, some moaning sounds, and, finally, a very drowsy and sleepy Michael saying “Yesss??”

My heart stopped. I really had Michael on the line. The bad thing was, I had woken him up. Damn! I had never imagined I would wake him up this time of day, let alone hearing the rustling of his sheets and his moaning while he was grabbing the telephone…*sigh*

For lack of anything brilliant to say (as all of my brain was frozen in time because of the rustling and moaning sounds) I said: “Can I talk to Alfred please?”


“Alfred! I need to talk to him it’s important!”

More rustling, then a mumbling Michael: “You’ve got the wrong number.”

I threw down the receiver as I really did not know what else to say. No great conversation and all... It was somewhat surreal.

Almost 17 years later, I can still hear his drowsy ‘yesssss’, the rustling, and, yes be sure, I can exactly tell you what sounds he made while turning in bed to grab for the telephone *sigh-again*

OMG!!! I think I would have never had the idea to ask for someone else's name. Great reaction, Manu. I guess not many people have talked to Michael in such a situation. But what did you plan to say to him if he would have been awake?

Thank you for sharing this memory.
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Well, my hope had been he'd be awake, not busy but bored and in for a chat :). I knew he liked those kinds of opportunities and I knew of plenty of people who managed to have proper conversations with him over the phone (or through his hotel window), if the timing was right. Alas, my timing was not...
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Heheeh. Awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing that! :D
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Wow ! Thank you for sharing all these memories !
Why didn't you try calling later :o ?
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I did call later but how that ended is a totally different story.  I can't use up all my powder all at once! ;-)
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That's an awesome story :D
Thank you for sharing!
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you're so lucky!
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Aww how cute!!! When did this happen?
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Thanks Manu, this is AWESOME!
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I'd be like "Ummm....oops"
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The one and only time i made a call like this pretending to be someone else was in Singapore 1993. It was Michael's last day in the country. We knew all the tricks of tour following and Wayne Nagin always travelled a day ahead of MJ to the next country to check on security detail so i knew he wasn't even in the country anymore. It was a breeze getting past the reception as "Wayne Nagin" and direct to MJ's room. he picked up almost immediately. all i heard Michael say was "Wayne Wayne Wayne".. he sounded frantic.. but i was excited.. it was my first time hearing him down a phone line.. of course i couldn’t have carried on pretending so i came clean and said "Umm hi Michael I'm sorry but this is really Waldo". He said nothing else. there were a couple of seconds silence and then he hung up. No big deal. My eyes were as big as saucers and my smile beamed.

Later on i dared to call again asking for Michael's room except the receptionist did not ask who i was and instead quick as a flash transferred me... a woman picked up.. “Hellooo” .. in some confusion i thought i had been transferred to somewhere else in the hotel perhaps back to the reception.. so i again asked if i could possibly be put through to Michael’s room  

the woman replied.. "Noooo this is Liz"

as soon as she said that.. I recognised her voice. I couldn't believe it. I was talking to Elizabeth Taylor.

She had come to the Far East to support Michael and lend a helping hand. We had seen her shopping for footwear in one of the hotel shops several days before. She really was Michael’s rock at that time. Anyway Instead of asking to speak to Michael i said something to her.. something like "Please can you tell Michael that we all love him dearly and if he wants to cancel the tour he should - we will all understand"

Many years later while staying in the same hotel as Michael he would call my room several times.. the first thing he said “I hope you don’t mind, i asked the reception if there was a Justin staying in the hotel”

So i guess that was fair !
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hahaha Alfred brilliant! me being me I would have said to Michael bold as anything, I just thought id try my luck and see if you'd actually answer the phone...soz about waking you up lol, but hey you actually got to speak to Michael Jackson on the phone and that's just amaze balls!!!
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I kinda wanna know why the "moaning" was so emphasized in the first story. Was he THAT loud?
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