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Tito, the dad

Posted by raisa, 04 August 2012 · 2,685 views

August 4th 1973, Tito is the first one of the Jackson brothers to become a father.
Deedee and him got a healthy boy and his name was Toriano Adaryll "Taj" Jackson, Jr.
About two years later, August 8th 1975, they had their second son, Taryll Adren Jackson.

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Tito and Deedee, check out Tito’s button of his son Taj! (Right On! magazine, November 1975)

For this happy event, Right On! magazine did a photo shoot at Tito’s home and here’s the article (Right On! Magazine, November 1975):

A new brother for Tito Jackson, Jr.

It’s going to be happy days ahead for Tito Jackson, Jr. cause he has a brand new brother to play with! And from the smiles on his two-year old face, Little Taj is delighted! (And Besides, Taj is a Leo, and so is his new brother!)

Tito and Dee Dee Jackson’s firstborn 2-year old Taj, had a lot of time to himself with his popular parents. And for his first two years of life, he’s had a fantastic time being cuddled by his loving mom, and wrestling and going to the park with his dad. Now he’ll have to share those great moments with a little baby brother. But from all the early indications, there won’t be any sibling rivalry. He’s already crazy about the new baby!

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Tito and Taj are great buddies, and they spend a lot of time together when Tito isn’t travelling
Just a few weeks prior to the baby’s birth, Dee Dee had been given a baby shower and received some great gifts from her many friends. And instead of sitting around taking it slow and easy waiting for her baby’s arrival, Dee Dee was keeping herself occupied by going bicycling and scurrying around trying to get in some last minute shopping for the new child.

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Baby brother or not, as cute as little Taj is, he’ll still be getting lots of attention!
When Dee Dee went to the hospital to finally have her baby, Tito was out of town performing. When he heard the news, he hurried home… but got home just a little too late! Little Taryll Adren Jackson had already made his way into the world by the time his excited father arrived at the hospital!
Tito was almost on time for their first child, Taj’s birth, too. He’d flown in from a performance on that occasion, also, but he didn’t quite make it in time. Maybe next time around… if it’s a girl… she’ll wait on dear old dad before making her entrance into the world.

Posted Image

A cheerful and always happy child, Taj should have no trouble getting along with the new baby!
In the meantime, Dee Dee is busily giving feedings and changing baby diapers. And 2-year old Taj will have a kid brother he can wrestle with, and maybe even boss around in a short time. The Tito Jackson family is happy with their new addition. And maybe somewhere down the line, a bouncing baby girl will make their lives even happier!

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Checking out his new brother, Taj had a look of puzzling thoughts like: “Wonder why this baby just sleeps all the time? How come he doesn’t have any teeth?! Where’d he come from?!”

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Congratulations! from Right On! Magazine… and surely from all of our avid readers.

Taj was really cute when he was little  Posted Image Posted Image
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