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Happy Birthday Randy!

Posted by raisa, 29 October 2012 · 1,527 views

Randy Jackson is the youngest brother in the Jackson family. He was born in 1961 and will thus be 51 years old today. He played the bongos in the Jackson Five days and the keyboard later, in the Jacksons era.
Randy first appeared live with his brothers on a Christmas concert they gave for blind children in LA at the end of 1971. You can find many pictures of the boys performing there in our gallery.

Here’s a another picture of Randy ‘in action’ at that particular concert.
Posted Image

The guys even had a special song to introduce Randy, it was called ‘Brand new thing’ and they did that song in their concerts and here, on Hellzapoppin’. The song starts at 5:10 and Randy enters at 6:09. The dancing steps of all brothers are amazing, so much energy!

Here’s another picture of Randy at Hellzapoppin’
Posted Image
(16 magazine, July 1972)

Later, when the sisters also started performing with the brothers, Randy would often perform with Janet (and nowadays, people often mistake Randy for Michael in those pictures with Janet)
Posted Image
(Right On! Magazine November 1977)

Although there had been talks of renaming the group to ‘the J5 and Randy’ or ‘The J5 and a half’ or ‘the Jackson 6’,  he never officially became a member of the group until 1975 when the ‘Jackson 5’ became ‘The Jacksons’ and signed with Epic records.

On a sidenote: On October 29th 1972, The Jackson 5 landed in England for their very first European tour!

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