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Christmas Charity part 2

Posted by raisa, 24 December 2012 · 1,718 views

Only one day after being dressed up as Santas and handing out gifts for charity, The Jackson Five do a charity concert for the Foundation for the Junior Blind in Los Angeles. We’ve got quite a lot of pictures of this concert in our gallery but I’ve got a few more.

I’ve always thought that the shape of Michael’s afro looked a bit funny, kind of pointy, on that day. Perhaps the santa hat from the day before is to blame??

As I already mentioned before, Randy made his first onstage appearance at this concert.

Posted Image

And he seemed to enjoy himself too. Here he is backstage, probably receiving quite a lot of ‘Oooh’s and ‘Aaaaw’s from girl fans:

Posted Image

I’ve also got a picture of Katherine and Janet in the audience, I think I remember having a small picture off Janet and Katherine where Janet is facing the camera but I really can’t find it anymore. If anyone still has it, please post a link in the comment section below :D

Posted Image

(BOP Magazine, November 1984)

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Yes, that's the one I was looking for!
Thank you! :D
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I have another photo from this event,here's this photo :Posted Image
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