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J5 in Africa

Posted by raisa, 03 February 2013 · 3,193 views

The Jackson 5 left for Africa January 29th. They did several concerts in Senegal:
01/02/1974 Dakar, Senegal Demba Diop Stadium
02/02/1974 Dakar, Senegal Theatre National Daniel Sorano
03/02/1974 Dakar, Senegal Theatre National Daniel Sorano
(Source: Jackson5abc.com)

We’ve got plenty of candid pictures on our site and also a few concert pictures.
Sadly, I don’t have any more concert pictures but I will be posting some more candids today!

They’re not great quality but I really do like them. As the text on the pictures reveals, they were once offered on ebay.

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You can read a very big article about the boys in Africa in this Jet magazine of March 7th 1974

And here’s what ‘Rock & Soul Songs’ Magazine (May 1974) had to say about their African tour:

“We didn’t go to Africa the last time we were supposed to,” Jackie Jackson told us in a recent interview. “With the Middle Eastern war and all, it just didn’t seem like the right time to go.”
However – with political things clearing up a bit in the Middle East recently, it WAS the right time to go for the Jackson Five recently – and they up and packed for a brief African tour January 29th through February 18th.
The tour of five countries was highlighted by a special meeting with Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie at the Emperor’s Palace in Addis Ababa … on Valentine’s Day!
The countries visited by the group were Dakar, Senegal; Accra, Ghana; Nairobi, Kenya; Lusaka, Zambia; and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
It was the first time in Africa for the boys, and they were predictably excited. Following so soon after Jermaine’s marriage, you might think he would be hesitant about going. But he’s always looked forward to performing in Africa, and Hazel is obviously going to have to be an understanding wife when it comes to the J-5’s travels.
Plans were for them to perform at really big stadiums – similar to the ones they play in the States: the difference in that in Africa many of them are outdoors. One thing we can all be sure of – and that’s the African fans of the J-5 are going to be totally knocked out by the boys. They probably haven’t seen anything like it.

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Awesome blog post and thanks for posting the video clip.  So glad that someone (who??) decided to film this!!
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MJPC, on 04 February 2013 - 12:50 PM, said:

Awesome blog post and thanks for posting the video clip.  So glad that someone (who??) decided to film this!!
This is written,produced and directed by Mamadou Johnny Secka,you can see him on the pic with Tito (above).
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The second part is here!

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Ahah yeah I posted it few days ago and forgot to add here! :)
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