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Happy Birthday Marlon!

Posted by raisa, 12 March 2013 · 2,867 views

Marlon David Jackson was born March 12, 1957. Thus, he’ll turn 56 today.
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Marlon had a twin brother, Brandon, but they were born premature and Brandon unfortunately died soon after birth (although some sources tell me he was stillborn). I really liked that they included Brandon in the artwork for the ‘Michael’ album.
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I think that’s supposed to be Brandon, between Marlon and Michael.

Marlon was kind of the quiet one. People who knew the guys better said Marlon was the prankster and joker of the group and a nice guy but he was often overlooked by the press. Therefore, he even got the label of ‘the forgotten J5er’ for a while. But when Jermaine married in 1973 and Marlon was beginning to grow and mature, teen magazines started to notice and talk about him more and more. When he got married in 1975, a lot of girl teens were deeply disappointed!

As a group member, I don’t think Marlon got a lot of studio time to record. He was known for his dance moves and energy on stage. His first moment to shine on a studio recording was on the song “Corner Of The Sky” when he sings the line “ I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free”. Later though, when Jermaine left the group and they became known as ‘The Jacksons’, Marlon would often fill in Jermaine’s line on ‘old’ J5 shows.

Recently, of course, a studio version of “Feelin’ Alright” was released and we can hear Marlon loud and clear on that one too!
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Marlon now has 3 children and four grandchildren. I’m sure he’s a great granddad!

I LOVE MARlon !! is that a pic of his daughter on his jacket ??? :) u have so many great pictures, please if u have more rare pics of marlon , feel free to share lol so hard to find , all my love!
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