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Soul Newspaper: Marlon Jackson – The Loveable one

Posted by raisa, 26 March 2013 · 4,985 views

Marlon Soul newspaper
As a follow-up on Marlon’s birthday two weeks ago, I’ll post the article on Marlon that appeared in ‘Soul Newspaper’ from July 27th 1970. Christine AKA Billie Jean provided me with a pdf file of the article however the first page is missing so I don’t have the proper intro… I’m just going to copy what I DO have and I hope you enjoy it anyway! :D
The pictures that  I post are also from various teen magazines since the pictures that came with the article were really bad quality.

Marlon Jackson – The Loveable one

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(Continued from page 1) …. But not for their stories, as much as for their techniques. “I like to try to figure out how they make things happen” he says seriously,” they can make things happen in cartoons that you can’t see in movies that use real people. Like an animal chasing another and getting all cut up, and then the slices keep running until they all come together again”
Such non-violent fun is the very essence of Marlon Jackson. He plays touch and run with people and runs little games on family visitors. You may be talking to Michael and feel someone tapping on your right shoulder, but when you look around there’s only straight-face Marlon on you left studying something out the window. Only his dancing eyes give him away at these times.
This way of playing is often annoying to Michael who says, “Sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop and then it really bothers me. I guess because he gets me a lot with his clowning.”

Hard to Find
Marlon often goes off by himself in the large Jackson house and has to be dragged away from the television set, or a project, or a book, by his older brothers, Jackie or Tito, for dinner, a rehearsal, or a family outing.
Marlon is quiet in public too. On stage, he does his thing and very seldom clowns. In recording sessions he gets the job done efficiently, but still finds time to clown around.
His older brothers find him hard to understand and although he gets to junior high school (he has just completed the seventh grade) Marlon spends most of his time at home with Michael, and is anxiously awaiting the fall semester when Michael will begin junior high too. “Back in Gary we used to go to school together and stop at the store,” Michael recalls, “Marlon and I like to pal around a lot, that’s what I like best about him, he spends a lot of time with me.”

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Marlon doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. “They get too silly sometimes.” His friends at school are not very impressed with the fact that he’s part of this top singing group, they rarely talk about it.
With the group planning a big concert in their new home-town of Los Angeles recently, however, all of the boys have been asked about getting tickets and coming backstage to see them, by their school friends. The Jackson Five chose instead to give 200 tickets to impoverished youngsters who would otherwise have no way to get to the concert.

The Teasing Games
Marlon is a gentle young man. He has a way of picking out a person in a roomful of people that he gets a certain feeling about. Soon that person will find Marlon right there beside him, quietly enjoying the closeness, and then he starts one of his teasing games. When you are walking with the guys, it is Marlon who will be the one to take your hand, smiling at you thoughtfully, then before you know it, you’re in his game again and you really enjoy is with him. He’s that kind of fella.
Marlon is closest to Michael in size, “but I plan to do something about that this summer, when I have some time to grow,” he says. Like most eleven year olds, he is in between being a boy and a young man and he often is very manish one minute and very boyish the next.
Marlon likes colorful clothes, “shirts with lots of things on them and lots of colors, not just one color. I like bell-bottom pants too, and vests, because I like to play with the fringes and beads.” He wears turquoise blue a lots, with warm flower prints or striped shirts.
Marlon is fond of Michael’s mice with which they sort of share, and he plays with them quite a bit. He has a good way with animal and handles them gently, as he does people.

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Marlon has a flair for dancing and likes to help develop the group’s choreography. “I like my clothes to be roomy and comfortable, you know, not tight, so I can dance and move around a lot.” He finds Sammy Davis Jr. and James Brown his favorite dancers.
His own dancing onstage is fluid and graceful. He moves with the poise of a smooth and very experienced dancer.
Diana Ross is his favorite singer and he especially likes to visit her.
Jackie Jackson, his oldest brother, thinks Marlon is more serious and quiet than Michael, although they are very much alike. “Marlon is very freehearted,” Jackie says, “If you like something he has, he’ll give it to you. Michael might give you something too, but then later he’ll ask for it back again,” Jackie laughs.
Tito admires Marlon’s singing, “but I have to drag him away from his cartoons all the time to come and practice.”

Posted Image

Marlon likes to play basketball best and has a great hook shot. When he plays with the bigger boys he is able to get around them with it most skillfully.
Marlon picks up unusual things to mess up people’s mind sometimes. Lately he has taken to hip glasses and he wears them even though “they aren’t real,” he laughs, “but they looks good and it’s fun to fool people with them.”
When he’s in the kitchen, Marlon cooks breakfast best. “I fix a really good bowl of cornflakes,” he boasts. He also likes hot dogs and hamburgers a lot, and barbeque.
Jermaine picks out what Marlon agrees is his own biggest flaw, “Marlon tries hard to so things once he decides to do them, but it’s funny, at first when you show him how , or, you know, tell him he’s not doing something right – he gets mad and then sad, and I guess a little hurt. But then later you’ll catch him really trying hard to take your advice. He really sticks to something and tries really hard to get it right, once he starts.”
Marlon is really the sweetest of the Jackson Five, not the most fussed over, not the tall handsome one, not the husky quiet one, not the clowning middle one, but the sweet thoughtful one. The one you would really most want to take home… and keep.

thanks! excellent stuff and great pics!
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Lol this just makes me love marlon more and more!!
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