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Happy birthday Jackie & Katherine!

Posted by raisa, 05 May 2013 · 2,577 views

I'm a day too late since I was sick yesterday but I still wanted to post something for their birthday.

Jackie was the oldest son and second oldest child of Joe and Katherine.  His real official name was Sigmund Esco Jackson and he was born May 4th 1951 which means he’ll turn 62 today. He was born on his mother’s birthday, Katherine was exactly 21 years old when she had Jackie.
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Jackie mainly sang harmony in the background but sometimes got a few solo lines too. He was mainly known for his falsetto singing and his height (at least in the early days). Jackie was always in the middle with Marlon on his right and Michael on his left. Jackie always used to tower above them when they were dancing.
After Michael and Jermaine, Jackie was the third guy in the group to get a solo album at Motown. It was called “Jackie Jackson” and was released on October 26, 1973. As far as I know though, there were never any live performances of Jackie’s songs (please correct me if I’m wrong), which is a shame.
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(Right On Magazine, December 1975)

Mother and Son celebrating their birthday on the same day, that’s quite special. Another great J5 fan shared some pictures of a ‘double’ birthday party on her blog.
Another special birthday celebration was in 1973, when the J5 were coming back from their Japan tour:
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Jackie celebrated his 22nd birthday in the air – 37000 feet above the Pacific Ocean! He was surprised by a birthday cake – here he blows out the candles. It was his Mom’s birthday the same day, too, so it was a double celebration. (16 magazine, September 1973)

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