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Happy birthday Maureen Reillette "Rebbie" Brown & La Toya Yvonne Jackson

Posted by raisa, 29 May 2013 · 5,580 views

Rebbie was Katherine and Joe’s firstborn and will turn 63 today. LaToya was their fifth child and will turn 57 today.

While Rebbie started her own family quite early, LaToya has always kind of been the one who seemed to try really hard but never succeeded to get out of the shadow of her popular brothers. However, in the seventies, Latoya had her own little article each month in 16 Magazine called “Tell it to Toya”.

They were both very pretty girls/women and, in honor of their birthday, I’ll be posting some pictures of both of them. Most of the pictures were published in one of LaToya’s articles.

Posted Image

Rebbie with her husband Nathaniel (who recently passed away) and Stacee (16 Magazine, December 1973)

Posted Image

Latoya cutting a cake at DeeDee’s baby shower (16 Magazine, November 1973)

Posted Image

Rebbie, Nathaniel and LaToya (16 Magazine, December 1973)

Posted Image

A beautiful picture of Rebbie (16 Magazine, December 1973)

Posted Image

LaToya was already loving those fake nails back in the seventies! (Rock & Soul Songs, November 1973)

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