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I hate those "work pants"...

Posted by m&ms in manu's Blog, 22 July 2014 · 181,104 views

Back during the days of the Dangerous tour, summer 1992, me and my friend were crazy about the blue Working Day and Night pants. We were just gasping and gaping all the time when Michael was onstage in these pants.  Sam never took photos during WDAN, where at all other times he was shooting like crazy. I think it was before one of the shows in Wembley whe...



Posted by raisa in raisa's Blog, 30 August 2013 · 242,283 views

Late August, 1972, the J5 went to Hawaii. Star Magazine had an article about that trip. They claimed that Jermaine himself wrote the article but I doubt that, he probably had better things to do and he would have remembered that he already went there before in 1971 (see first paragraph)! What could be more exciting than a happening J-5 concert in that...

"Stadium Tour with Michael Jackson"

Posted by m&ms in manu's Blog, 04 March 2014 · 181,378 views

I thought I should take a walk down memory lane again... so here goes, lets go back to Munich, Germany 2 May 1997 Michael was scheduled to arrive in Munich with the purpose to visit Marcel Avram in the Munich prison Stadelheim. In addition to that there was a “stadium tour” (whatever that meant). As the HIStory Tour was to commence in Bremen at the end of...

An interview with solo Jermaine (1976) PART II

Posted by raisa in raisa's Blog, 21 August 2013 · 234,519 views

Part 2 of the interview with solo Jermaine was posted in a Right On! magazine of October 1976. I typed it out for you and I’m also adding all of the pictures that came with the interview.JERMAINE JACKSON BREAKING OUT ALL ALONE! PART II  Striking out on a solo career was one hard decision for Jermaine Jackson to make. Now that it’s done, he’s smili...

Michael was laid to rest one year ago tonight, on 9-3 at Forest Lawn

Posted by Billie Jean in Moonwalking Around LA, 04 September 2010 · 93,683 views

Today,at around 3pm, I went to Forest Lawn Glendale to visit Michael.  This is a monthly visit, on the 3rd, but I admit I go more often than monthly to visit him, talk to him, sing to him, and just be near him.I brought my kids to see him, they had been there one other time. There were other people, MJ fans and curious semi-fans, there as well.  My group...

I'll Always Remember The Time

Posted by shimmerysocks in shimmerysocks blog, 16 August 2010 · 91,438 views

Well being that I wasn't born in time to experience anything from Michael during the Thriller and Bad Era(thanks mom and dad) -_-  I'll tell you what I can remember about the Dangerous Era.   I can't recall how old I was at the time but I have a distinct memory of seeing Remember The Time on BET. When I tell you I thought he was the most amazi...


Dangerous Tour in Wembley Stadium - July 30th, 1992. My First Dangerous Tour Show!

Posted by Virginie in Virginie's Blog, 07 August 2010 · 93,055 views

Hi everyone!1992. The Dangerous Tour. My life had changed a lot since my last Bad Tour story. Events happened in my life that very magical day of June 28th, 1988, events that had nothing to do with Michael. It was the last time I ever saw my Dad’s best friend and associate who had 3 daughters I had been brought up with. After a 30 year long friendship...

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