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Dangerous Tour in Wembley Stadium - July 30th, 1992. My First Dangerous Tour Show!

Posted by Virginie, 07 August 2010 · 93,159 views

Hi everyone!

1992. The Dangerous Tour. My life had changed a lot since my last Bad Tour story. Events happened in my life that very magical day of June 28th, 1988, events that had nothing to do with Michael. It was the last time I ever saw my Dad’s best friend and associate who had 3 daughters I had been brought up with. After a 30 year long friendship, this guy suddenly disappeared from our lives an I waited for a sign like a lost puppy. Dad was tied in business with the guy so he had to move on to something else. Met some guy in his field area, tiling, who proved to be a crook. We lost everthing my parents had worked hard for, everything but our house. Shall I mention that I attended high school then and had to suffer three long years with asses who knew I was a devoted Michael fan and plagued me for that each and every day. A nightmare. Til I turned 18 years old and skipped school every day to avoid being insulted, pushed… or worst, grabbing lessons where I could to finally pass and take my passport to saying a HUGE "farewell" to them. Long story short…

By the time the Tour started, I was working as a maid to get money because I didn’t want to wait until September to see the French shows.
Dad had been working away from home for two years and he was on a building site in Vincennes, South East of Paris. I set up my mind on U.K. cause I wanted to attend a concert in the mythic Wembley Stadium so badly. On July 29th, 1992, we both left and spent the night at my aunt's near Marne-La-Vallée. I was thinking about EuroDisney being so close! It had opened in March of that year and to me it was meant to attract Michael from Day One! I didn’t go though. There was a concert ahead and that meant a huge need of energy!!
Short night, Dad drive me to Calais where I took a boat to Dover while he was driving back to Paris to work. Then a train to London. Then way up to the Dorchester hotel!

My first contact with fans in front of a hotel. No internet or mobiles on these days. There was a huge crowd but I couldn’t spot either Laura F. from Italy or my friend Depi from Greece, whom I was supposed to meet there. As Michael wouldn't show up, I went to get the newspapers, a reflex every MJ fan has wherever he goes!
AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! Beautiful pics on them showing Michael had landed on Hackney Park with… Mickey and minnie, right from Euro Disney!! OMFG!! He was there the night before, and I was so close and decided not to go! Things weren’t meant to be. Disgusted by a front page of the Daily Mirror, stating, straight to Michael: « Does this lighting suits you THEN, Mr Jackson? » where you could see Michael slightly wincing, this going on a series of attacks on Michael’s physical apparence and alleged physical discrepency(???). And an ass photographer called K. Lennox was leading the way. Some fans later on did him a nice surprise by throwing garbage at him - it was much deserved.
How could they dare bing so harsh? Regardless of anything Michael is, is doing, regardless of the wonderful artist and performer and mostly human being he is.

I was watching everything in front of the hotel. Look-alikes - there were three of them - dancing, a litle boy dancing too, to the sound of « Can’t Let Her Get Away », a song I now always associate to my stay in London.

At the end of the afternoon, Michael showed up at the window of the Dorchester. It was frenzy! He was there with friend Brett Barnes. Seeing Michael for the first time in four wear was purely magical! I felt that being close to him was the best feeling in the world.
He would show up briefly, then quickly retreat behind the curtains, come back again, and so on. He was smiling. Pure beauty!
I remember a group of fans with their « Angel Face » banner. I thought they were perfectly right!

No friends in sight, so when Michael stopped coming at the window, and it was already late at night, with just enough coins in my pocket for the trip back, I slept alone in a park near the Dorchester - when I say « alone », many people did the same as I did, probably fans and homeless people among them. To speak the trust I didn't feel completely at ease, and would hold on tight my tiny worn out pink blanket I’m taking wherever I go!

In the morning some guy came to me and offered a tea or coffee to warm me up in a shop nearby. I didn’t know him but as he seemed so kind and there were people around, I accepted. Then it was time to move to Wembley.

Long hours queuing. Then running like crazy. I managed the first ten rows. Then the wait again. Pushing like crazy. It is there you realize it’s nice attending a concert in a group! It was endless. I liked the support act but … Michael, Michael, come on Man!!

When « Carmina Burana » started, it was madness! When  Michael appeared, people went furious! Everybody was over-excited!! The toaster, the panther, and Michael was there standing! I was like the Wolf in Tex Avery’s cartoons, big eyes and tongue hanging down to my toes! That "Jam" glittering jacket, I love it! Sunglasses away! « Jam » was rageous! Goin’ on with « Wanna Be », the sheer magic of « Human ature » bringing tears to my eyes, the Medley - one of my most ever favourite parts in Michael's concerts -, BILLIE JEAN blew my mind. « Working Day And Night » so funky and I have to say I just LOVE this outfit too! I know some fans thought of it as not really outstanding but damn it fit Michael so well! I adored his performance of « Will You Be There » and « Black Or White ». So happy to see these songs live, I really wanted to see them after I got the recording of Michael’s performance at MTV 10th. « Heal The World » gave me chills, « Man I The Mirror », one of my very favourite songs and performances, was beautiful and the finale, WOW!

Then goodbye Michael, but I knew that about a month and a half later I’d be in Paris and I’d see him again!

Time to get back, through the crowd, out of the stadium, exhausted but terribly happy, on a lil' pink cloud! Up the Vitoria Station, the train to Dover, the ferry. Then a long wait in Calais at the station for the train to Paris. I can recall some guy coming to talk « music » to me. He seemed excited that he got some unreleased recordings by a French group of the 80s that would be "hits" when they'd be released (did it ever happen?)!. I was thinking « Dude, you have no idea where I’m coming from. And WHO I’ve just seen LIVE! Just and simply the Greatest Entertainer In The World! The Most Creative Artist ever, and, on top of that, the Most Handsome Guy in this Whole Wide World! ».

Sleeping in the train. Paris. Wait until Dad’s out of work. Hanging at the Virgin Megastore. Picking up a copy of the « Who Is It » single and wishing I’d be queuing before Wembley to attend the second show. Wishing I was a rich gal!
Vincennes. Some woman in her sixties coming on the bench where I was sitting, waiting for Dad. Offering me to have a shower in her flat. Hey, what you want from me? Moving to another bench. Dreaming of the show. Of Michael at the window. Nearby a camp of homeless people from Mali whom the city hall had been forcing to leave the slums they lived in, making them live in even worst conditions, right in front the famous Vincennes castle. Heal The World. There is so much to be done. Dad finally arrives and we head back to Nevers, my hometown.
In 6 weeks I’ll be back to Vincennes, that’s where the concert will be held. I can’t wait to live the magic again. I’ll dream on until then.

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Thanks for sharing Nini! By the way, I "published" this for you yesterday as I noticed you had not done that yet ;).
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Your story brought me to heaven...
Mais à ce que j'ai compris, tu es Française ? :)
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omg *0*
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