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I Dreamt of Michael Last Night

Posted by m&ms, 11 February 2013 · 17,783 views

After a long time dreaming of Michael, (or when I did, I could never see him) I finally dreamt of Michael again last night.

He was giving a concert on Gran Canaria (of all places!! The stage was set up amongst the sand dunes in some sort of weird, but great way, with masses and masses of people awaiting him.

I and a couple of my friends were sceptical whether this was true. We had been on the island for a good week and had  not managed to find him. So, we remained sceptical, but went back to one of the hotels, which would have been the most unlikely for him to stay but a "hunch" told us we should try again.

We waited for hours. Then all of the sudden, Wayne came out of the hotel. Interestingly, it was an adequately aged Wayne who was 15 years older than when I had last seen him, sporting some grey hair on his head. :P We had wanted to shout, but he saw us first, and put his finger on his lips to hush us and we did.

Not a second later, and Michael appeared.

Happy, smiling, waving, beautiful Michael.

I cannot describe the feeling I had in this very vivid dream seeing him - seeing this radiant smile of his, seeing him blow kisses.

He was without mask but with sunglasses, beautiful curly hair and wore black pants and a black shirt on top of a red shirt on top of a white t-shirt.

Thinking of this dream in daylight totally lifts my sprits. It was such a magnificent feeling to see him again, I cannot put it into words. The downside obviously is that when reality hits, and I know I will never ever live through such a sensation again in waking moments, it is difficult to bear.

Miss him. Miss him. Miss him.

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