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A short story of Michael=)(for me anyway)

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If I had to write sth about Mike, it would be this.....I always wanted to write  something about his life, that was so unusual(and, unfortunately, destroyed by people's greed)....Please, don't laugh and leave your comments if you want. Thank you for reading and please- have mercy=)^_^i know i'm not a writer, but it was some kind of effort:lol:and there may be some mistakes in my english(i'm polish) ^_^and if you want, condemn me=Dor admire me. Thanks for viewing!

One day in Indiana,


The child was born.


Michael Jackson was his name.


But then we didn't know


Who he will become...


Pretty young boy


With an unusual voice,


Unusual talent.


Trying to make family proud...


And satisfy the father.


The superstar was born,


We've never seen such a star before.


Don't think is life was easy.


He couldn't live like a normal child.


Couldn't go out and play.


He had to work all day and all night.



The boy from  Indiana,


The boy with no childhood,


Only hard work


And the painful youth.



Every his move was controlled,


Can you imagine that?


When he couldn't do something...


Father was using belt.


That boy experienced so much pain,


No one wants to feel it.


Try to feel like Michael.


It's horrible, isn't it?


But he stood it...


He worked all the time,


Spent so much life


Recording music to entertain us.


He's never known the childhood,


He spent it on the stage,


Singing and dancing,


Holding a microphone in hand.



He's never known the easy life,


He lived on the stage,


Couldn't celebrate his birthday,


He was like a bird caught into the cage.



A normal teenager, you'd say.


No way, people....No way.


He couldn't look at the mirror,


Couldn't accept himself.


No true friends,


No time for pleasure.


Working, working, working


Under the pressure...


Michael had a warm heart,


But he was abandoned in fame,


Though people were following him


And screaming his name.


Fame and money didn't matter,


He searched for the path


To people's hearts...


They weren't honest enough.



Young boy with no friends,


Without the loving girl,


Abandoned in fame,


Because people were all the same.



He didn't give up,


Started his own career,


Without brothers and father...


New music king appeared.


Wherever he went,


He heard his name,


Saw thousands of people


Adoring him in every way.


He recorded an album


Which was meant to be the best.


We've never listened to something like this.


It BEATS all the rest.


Michael was extraordinary,


At last he could go on.


No one was creating his style,


He created his own.



He became the music king,


Only one of a kind,


Who searched for love


Which he couldn't find.



Michael was a miracle,


All the time he was surprising us!


He was a handsome Bad Boy


Breaking young girls' hearts...


So many people loved him,


So many things he showed.


It was easy to predict


That those brown eyes will rule the world!


No one could beat him.


His songs were number ones.


No one could repeat the moves


He showed in his videos.


A few million fans


Risking life to see their idol.


Could you believe what he did?


We remembered him as little Michael...



Bad Boy conquested the world


By his divine brown eyes,


Worked so hard and brought


Some happiness to our life.



But we know well that


People can be full of jeaousy.


When they see a decent man with money,


They become so damn greedy.


One day Michael's life


Became the sky with dark clouds.


One big ruin,


Not the world he was living in.


It wasn't life, but


One big hell.


People started to hate him,


Prejudged him in every way.


How could it happen?


One day the King of Pop,


One day later a condemned man...


He's had enough.



Michael was so depressed,


Untrue things cut like knives,


People wanted his money


Never caring of his life.



What could he do,


If nothing could make him happy?


There were only broken dreams


Of making a big family.


He had two wives,


But the second gave him children.


That first said she loves him,


But it wasn't a strong feeling.


Hurt by women,


Hurt by jealousy.


He needed some love


To be happy.


Everyone left him,


His kids were everything he had.


There was no one to trust,


Every his move was observed...



Abandoned, condemned,


No one he could ask for help,


'Cause all the people just


Forgot that he was a human, just like us.



He thought the peace will come


After the years of sorrow.


Deep inside his soul,


He hoped there'll be a better tomorrow.


But the evil never sleeps.


Sky covered with clouds again.


All the terrible accusations FELL


Onto this depressed man...


It took so much time


To explain how it all was,


He told the truth


But people's hearts were stones.


Though Michael was innocent,


It didn't stop.


Damn reperters and tabloids


Couldn't get enough.



Hurting the innocence,


Hurting the confidence,


People were destructing him.


They didn't want to let him be.



In next years,


It seemed like no one liked him.


He recorded an album


To show that wrong people won't break him.


He was unbreakable


Though all his dreams were broken,


He's never given up...


And he's never forgotten.


Michael was so distrustful,


Shy and hurt.


Can someone even sleep


After having a hell like that?


He tried to calm down,


Moved to other place,


But on the TV screen


He stillc ould see his face...



Everybody behaved


Like they forgot who Michael was.


He was tired of stupid games,


Hated lies the most.



Everyone thought the King has fallen.


What a mistake.


Michael decided to come back.


His fans started to awake!


He worked hard as usual,


It seemed like he wasn't aging.


Awesome star of his talent


Was never fading.




He didn't come back.


He died.


Every sincere fan cried.


We could see on TV


Reporters saying it's a tragedy.


Like they forgot


What they have done.



The King of Pop died,


His children lost their daddy.


For this they weren't ready..


They lost the light in their life.



With Michael's death,


We lost the part of history.


There wasn't his big come-back,


But he died in glory.


People around the world


Loved his music again.


Isn't it too late?


People who didn't like him were ashamed.


Some people should think


If they were really fair.


They can say "Sorry"-


They must pray.


Some of us can't believe,


But everyone knows:


The little boy from Indiana


Was the best man and artist in the world!



It was the true story


Of what the fame costs.


Show Michael that we care


And give him love....

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awesome :) i've posted it to the official site xx Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image




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awesome :) i've posted it to the official site xx Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


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Beatiful <3 I love that =)




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That is really great! WOW! Congratulations girl ;)



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great job ,baby <3333333333333333
i LOVE it ! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Love For Neverland

Love For Neverland


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I'm one of those people where I didn't know who Michael was but a criminal. I thought he was a bad person. I didn't know him. I listened to the older people. And I believed them. On August 19, 2009, I opened my eyes and cried. I am forever faithful to him and I feel so ashamed... I ask Michael to forgive me, and I think he did. Thank you for your story, it was wonderful :) L.O.V.E.



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Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You're right when you said that after his death everybody started to love him and his music like they never hated him,believing the tabloids...too bad and too late.




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I admit, I really cried reading this, cause it really reminds me of the pain you could see in his eyes when he was talking about his childhood and we can only imagine a little fragment of the hell he went through...
He's in a better place right now, and though we all want him to come back, he's in a place, where no one can hurt him, and where no one treats  him like a piece of dirt, especially those, who ruined his life, including Martin Bashit, Tom Sneddon, The Arvizo Family, Murray and all the others!
I love you Michael!!! :wub:  :wub:
And thank YOU for posting all of you wonderful drawings, poems, and this story!
God bless you <3

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