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About Me

Her mismatched eyes gave an aura of delight as she turned the fish into beautiful butterflies of variety of color. Delight still exists in her despite of her transformation. The flutterbies turn blue and green and black, they giggle and whisper "whatEVer" 
"Barn A Bus are we there yet?.. I can't tell." she plays with strands of her abnormal hair like a kitten with string. 
Barnabas gazed at her with a smile "Yes Del." The both of them were shivering like icicles to the breach of breaking. Only the howling of the wind could be heard as they continue their stroll through a deserted high way. "Doggie, I forgot where are..we going?" puzzled like always. Barnabas shook his head with dismay and looked beyond the stretch of road that seem to go on forever. The butterflies remained and they flutter and giggled around Barnabas, changing colors. Both of them laid on the soft frosted grass beside the road. "We are on our way to see your sister, Justice or Freedom I recalled." He lowered his muzzle on her lap softly. It felt like cotton which pleased him as he relaxed. 
Colors bleed into red,whispering again in their whismical ways,or odd often amusing. Delirium grimaced,or showing annoyance, blew the butterflies away transforming them into shapable bubbles. One was shaped like Barnabas,and Delirium giggled like a child as she pointed the bubble to Barnabas. 
"It's Barn A Bus Jr." she grinned as if there was no tomorrow in the world of Delirium. 
That night the two found a run down motel to take shelter from the snow. The motel seem to fall apart like a crooked building caving in a matter of moment. Beside the ancient motel was a small diner which only a few people visited. Little Del would lay upside down her lump sided bed conjuring bubbles,frogs,fish and butterflies whenever she was bored. Barnabas entered the room hastily and jumped next to her. Silence swallowed the time between each other. 
"Barnabas, you know that feeling when your alone but your really not alone, but you do know you've been alone since you were born?" She weeped softly and crouched her body like a turtle not to reveal herself. 
"No.." Barnabas voice echoed through out the room,it also shook Del's sympathy in him.
He came closer to her to comfort her and whispered her the words "Forever And For Always, Lady Delirium. For Never And For Always." the verbatim,in the exact words, the words they exchanged their vows of their friendship. 
Twilight came, and the sky was gleaming past the stretch of country side. Gurgles and growls consumed Delirium's stomach. She squeezed her stomach to unease the pain,but it didn't work. "My tummy.It needs to eat." her voice was calmed yet there was pain like shears cutting through her body in daint touches. She looked around, Banbaras vanished into thin air. Her body shivered and she broke down in tears Alone..forever and for always. She tasted her tears, they tasted like salt water mixed with sweat. But she always knew she smelled like sour wine to old leather depending who's encountering her. Clueless yet lifeless she left the motel in chance of finding her doggie. Ebony sheets engulfed the sky and Delirium scrutinized beyond the obscured distance infront of her. It was no use she couldn't find her guardian everywhere in this cold, but sinister time. 

"Lil sis don't freak out like that" a voice chimed in from the darkness. Delirium turned and saw her step-sister Carrie known as Freedom,Justice,ancient astronaut and other names. She had lustrous white hair and foxy features. Her wild staring eyes gave out a mystic,mysterious, way about her. Beside Carrie was Barnabas munching on a fat chicken leg that leaves a pungent aroma through your nostrils. "Carrie. I missed you. Um. Right. When you left. Things weren't okay." She tilted her head showing the mascara flowing down her cheeks after crying the last tear. Delrium bent down and hugged Barnabas "you scared me doggie. I almost thought I lost you again.it's good.everythings good. Good things change. And this is one of them." Carrie looked at her sister with amiable,pleasant attitude that everything was alright. Delirium stood up and hugged her sister with fortitude. Her warmth made the winter night seem less numbing. 
"Um. Know what? Dream misses you. He wants to see you. Badly.Wants to smooch you." She giggles and starts making luminous butterflies with her hands. Carrie scratched her head and smiled sheeply. "Ah I'll think about it." she replied unaware that it was true or not. Del looks down at Barnabas with his delectable dinner. The pungent aroma still lingering in her nostrils made her stomach gurgle. "Ah I'm hungry and bored!" she said angrily. Carrie laughed and got her by the hand. " Well you said you wanted to see me. I'll invite you two to my mansion and we'll see what's for dinner." she grinned. Delirium smiled and clutched her hand, the three of them went walking along the road. Following them were the luminous butterflies  floating all around, except they're new. And the colors are different than anything del conjure before. the butterflies change colours, and the colors are whispering "good changes. Good changes." 

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