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The Perfect Love Story - For me anyway <3

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Sarah Shanks

Sarah Shanks


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I met Michael for the first time when he'd finished in the recording studio where I was currently working at the time as a secretary. He was recording his new album "Thriller". He walked up to me with Quincy Jones by his side. I was walking along the corridor, trying not to think about the fact that Michael Jackson was walking closer and closer towards me. I walked with my head down, yet walking tall with my shoulders back, minding my own business, when Quincy started, "Hey, Sarah!"
"Hiya Quincey", I replied. I felt my face burn up. Michael stood there next to Quincy when he spoke in his sweet, soft voice, "Hi, It's great to meet you!". He nodded his head slightly. He smiled at me. I could imagine his glowing eyes behind shades. I stared with butterflies in my stomach when Quincy tapped me on the shoulder, "Sarah?". I awoke from my day dreaming.
"Oh. Sorry! It's nice to finally meet you Michael". I smiled at him. He smiled back. My heart was racing. Michael and Quincy walked away as Michael smiled his beautiful smile. How amazing that smile is, *sigh*. I couldn't believe I just met him. He was amazing and oh so gorgeous. His eyes were shining and he was glowing like an angel. Why did he have to walk away? Come back Michael, I need one more glimpse of you!

I met him again at the Grammy awards; he was wearing one of his sparkly military jackets, his unique white glove hand-stitched with hundreds of glistening rhinestones and his cool shades that cover his eyes ... unfortunately.  Now you are probably wondering how a secretary who works in a recoding studio even got into the Grammy awards in the first place. Well, it included a lot of begging to Quincy to get me some tickets. I needed to go to the awards. I needed to see Michael again. Me and Michael both bumped into each other shortly before the awards show started, "Oh, sorry Michael, I didn't mean to - ",
"It's no problem, honest"
"Michael. Why do wear those glasses inside? No one can see your beautiful eyes. It makes everyone so excited." Michael stared at me curiously and smiled.
"That's the whole point". I started to giggle. "  Listen, Sarah, do you want to come and sit with me for the rest of the ceremony?"
"I'd love to Michael". I grinned as he linked my arm with mine and lead me away to our seats. As we were sitting together for the ceremony we got to know each other a little better and grew a strong friendship. He even offered to drop me home afterwards. How kind!

"Well, here we go Sarah., I had a great time tonight. Thank you for your company. Would... would you let me know if you would like to do something else together sometime?"
"Of course I will and yeah, I enjoyed your company too". We smiled at each other for a short moment. When I thought, as much as I wanted to stare into his eyes all night, I should get out the car. "Night Sarah!", he said for the last time as he drove off into the darkness. It started to rain. *sigh* "There ain't no sunshine when he's gone" I thought to myself, as it was so true. I giggled to myself, I know pathetic, laughing at my own joke. As soon as I was about to get into bed in my apartment, the phone started ringing. I picked it up...
"Hi Sarah, sorry to disturb you but I couldn't wait any longer to speak to you again". He laughed slightly. As did I. "I'm glad you called actually, because I am so bored."
"Well, how about tomorrow night you come round to my place and meet the rest of the family for dinner? Plus, we could get to know each other a bit better too."
"Oh, Michael, I'd absolutely love to. Thank you so much!"
"Your very welcome". I could imagine him smiling on the other end of the phone. We talked details for the dinner, and other stuff. We talked for hours. We never needed the dinner to get to know each other better. We had those amazing hours on the phone.

The next night I arrived at the Jackson's family home. Michael greeted me at the front door with a warm, welcoming hug. I wanted to stay in his arms for ever. At dinner i made conversation with everyone, his mother, his sisters, his brothers and even Joe, though I had my suspicions about him after all the stories I had heard about him. I hated to think about it. As the night went on Michael's brother, Jermaine, noticed that me and Michael were getting real cosy and confident about being close to one another. He was jealous. Later on that evening he pulled me aside after we were retreating to the lounge and told me he was going to tell Michael that  had really deep feeling for him. I did. "Jermaine! No! Please! Even though you're very true, I want our relationship to grow more first. See where it takes us before we get serious. Please". He gave in to me and apologised for his jealousy. He escorted me to where Michael was sitting. More hours went by as we all sat talking. But unfortunately the time came for me to leave. I said my goodbyes and Michael lead me out to my car. "Thank you for this Michael. I really enjoyed myself". Michael smiled his sweet smile and replied, "Your welcome. I enjoyed myself too". He waved me off.

I had just bough Michael's new album Thriller and it was playing full blast in my apartment as I sang along to 'Beat It' with my hairbrush in front of a mirror. I felt so stupid, but I was having fun! Whilst trying to master some of Michael's moves... he walked in. He stood there giggling along with me. "You're just jealous coz you cant dance around singing into a hairbrush. It takes skill you know!". We laughed uncontrollably. The song finished and 'Baby Be Mine' began. Michael grabbed my hand. Michael started to slow dance with me and whispered the lyrics into my ear. I felt so warm, as if I belonged here. I was completely worry-free around him. "Why are you so nervous?"
"Am I?", I asked knowing that he was actually right.
"A person could hear your heart beating from miles away !" We looked at each other both staring into one an others glowing eyes. He moved forward to kiss me, and I followed his lead... Quincy Jones walked in. We fell away from each other. "Michael, what's taking you so long? You're gonna miss that flight!". Quincey walked away again. Michael  looked disappointed as he stood there with his head to the ground. "What? Where are you going Michael?"
"I'm really sorry Sarah. I have been called away for a tour in Europe. I've been meaning to tell you. That's why I came here tonight". I held back tears. Michael realised that I was on the brink of falling to pieces and came forward and hugged me tight. " I better go now", he said as he pulled away. When he got to the door he turned round and looked at me disappointingly as I stood there with tears running down my face. That was the last I seen of Michael for ages. I walked to my window and watched the love of my life be driven away. I pulled myself together but man was I angry! Quincy mother fucking Jones had to walk in didn't he? Iwas just about to be kissed but no, that couldn't happen because he had to walk in. Plus, to make matters worse Michael will be away in Europe for god knows how long! After pacing up and down the length of my lounge from being so fucking angry with Quincy Jones, I managed to smile. Smile about the intimate time I had shared with Michael. I was so cold without him.

Months went by, and it wasn't till then that I seen him again. I was about to leave my apartment to work when I opened my door to find Michael standing there  with his beautiful smile spread across his face. I stood there speechless, with my mouth just open. I didn't know what to think. I never expected this at all. The awkward silence ended when Michael grabbed my hand - like that wonderful night before he left - and pushed me back into my apartment. "I have missed you so much Sarah!". He hugged me tight. "I want to finish off what we couldn't last time we were together... I've never loved anyone like this before". I smiled at him, blushing, relieved that he was back so I could be in arms once again. We looked at each other. He moved in to kiss me. This time, it might actually be able to happen. This is it. Oh my goodness! As before I followed his lead, but this time we kissed passionately....

The next morning, I woke up to Michael's beautiful, sparkling eyes. "You look so sweet when your sleeping you know?". I giggled slightly. "Listen, Sarah, I need to leave to the studios before you do today. I don't want anyone thinking that... you know... we're together. Not yet".
"Yeah, yeah, of course. I totally understand". We both kissed.
I arrived at the studio... I had to go into Michael's studio. As soon as I walked in we couldn't take our eyes off each other. Michael quietly whispered "I love you", as he walked past me to go talk to Quincy. How cute? Once they finished their conversation and Quincy was elsewhere, I walked over to Michael. I whispered in his ear. "No words can explain how much I love you". He turned round and smiled at me. I so wanted to hug him and I'm sure he wanted to do the same. We'll save it for later.

As the months went by Michael and I developed a strong, unique love and relationship. We were so close. Except, I fell ill. I had spells of stomach pains all the time and I was throwing up every now and again. I felt terrible. Michael was looking after me. Bless. He was so generous for giving up his time in the recording studios just to spent a little more time with me. Days went by and I wasn't getting much better. I started to wonder...no. I cant be. Am I...pregnant?
I decided that I'd be better to find out if I actually was, just to be sure, so I managed to pluck up enough energy to get out for a "walk" when I "happened" to walk past a pharmacy. I got back and hid the test so Michael didn't suspect anything. Plus, I wasn't sure when and how I wanted to tell him if I actually was, you know. I tried it that night when Michael was in bed, sleeping like an angel..."Ahh-", I cut off my yell by covering my mouth with my hand. Positive!

Days of silence. The occasional word if answering a question from Michael. Michael shortly realises something's up. He sat down with me one night and we hugged in front of the fire. "You've been acting funny lately Sarah. What's wrong?"
"I don't know. I just don't feel right".
"Well, I know something that will cheer you up. It's your birthday tomorrow, right?"
"Oh yeh! I forgot", I laughed.
"I have a surprise for you."
"A clue?"
"Then it wouldn't be a surprise". Michael giggled and bit his lip in that sexy way. "Well, I'll tell you this. We're going to New York"
"Really? Oh my goodness I can't wait". I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. I'd never really been to New York to appreciate and take the time to see it's beauty and now I have the chance. "I'm glad your excited Sarah", he said quietly as he rested his head on mine, and we both drifted off into deep sleep.

Michael took me to New York the next night. And for my surprise... he took me to the top of the Empire State building! It was midnight and the stars were shining bright in the dark sky. The view was magnificent but I started to feel nauseous after a while. "Sorry Michael, I'll be right back." I  ran off to find the nearest bathroom. I came back, Michael standing there like an angel and my arm around my front, "Are you okay?", Michael asked really worried as he turned round to face me. I could see it in his facial expression. "I'm fine. Sorry I had to leave you like that"
"Aww, it's okay". We hugged each other tightly, but Michael pulled away and held both my hands. "Look, I need to ask you something that I have been meaning to ask you for quite a long time now".
"What Michael? Tell me." He bit his lip and looked to the floor. He was obviously embarrassed about this. "You know you can tell me anything right?". Michael reached into his pocket and pulled out a beautiful ring encrusted with small diamonds. "Will you marry me?". I steady myself and take a deep breath, "Oh my goodness Michael" ... "Of course I will. I love you so much". I throw myself at him, ignoring the ring, and we celebrate with a hug and short, satisfying kiss. "Michael, I need to tell you something too"
"What's the matter?". This was it. I'm finally going to tell him...
"I've been searching for the right moment to say this for a few days now, but"..."I'm pregnant Michael". His face lit up like a beautiful Christmas tree, "Oh my god, Sarah. Really? Why didn't you tell me sooner?You know you can trust me don't you?"
"Michael, of course I do. I love you. It's just that I wasn't sure how you would react if I told you and having this child will cause so much bother. I mean only you and me know just now, but what happens when the press find out? and - ", Michael silenced me.
"Shhh, I don't care. As long as we are happy, that's all that matters. The press will come up with loads of junk but we ignore it okay?"
"Okay". We hugged and kissed under the moonlight until early morning.

Nine months passed and we had the child. Michael and I were both still deeply in love with each other and we always would be, even in heaven. Nothing could ever come between us. Xx

Thank you so much if you took the time to read this. This story means a lot to me. I know it seems a bit sad that I sit and write stories like these sometimes, but I enjoy it and wish to continue writing more. I hope you enjoyed my first of many stories that I consider to be perfect love stories :) <3 I love you xx

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King Of Pop 4 lyfe <3

King Of Pop 4 lyfe <3


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I know I'm late at reading this but this is amazing and I love it...:)




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omg if only this happened to me o_O ...he will be all i ever need in life =))

Liberian Pearl

Liberian Pearl


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beautiful.. just.. beautiful. I love it!

thank you for sharing this with the MJfam.
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I'm not trying to be rude, but...
The story's a bit dull, predictable, and the love interest is kinda... ...Mary Sue-ish. I'd rate this a 6/10. Hope you're not offended, but this is my opinion.

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